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Rachel ♦ Queen of Diamonds
01 July 2012 @ 03:12 pm

1973AUGUST 22 Rachel is born into the Suit of Clubs to Elizabeth Caustello (née Fioro) and Caleb Caustello.
1986SEPTEMBER 3 Rachel's mother Elizabeth is killed in a Challenge.
1989AUGUST 22 Rachel officially begins as a Two of Clubs. She spends the next two years climbing to the rank of Four.
1991DECEMBER 15 Rachel transfers to the Diamonds.
1998MAY 8 The previous Ace of Diamonds dies, Rachel is offered and accepts the position.
2004????? Edgar, Rachel's ex, dies in an accident.
AUGUST 28 Ophelia, the Queen of Diamonds, dies after a long reign. Her King, Lindsey, appoints Rachel to be the new Queen.
SEPTEMBER 12 The King of Diamonds, Lindsey, offers Rachel the position of Queen. Rachel reluctantly accepts.
2011JUNE 4 Andrew, Rachel's cousin and the King of Clubs, is brutally murdered during a masquerade held at the Spades Court.
2012JANUARY 22 Lindsey falls ill.
JANUARY 30 Lindsey dies. His death is announced the next day. The whole of the Deck but especially the Diamonds Suit goes into mourning.
FEBRUARY 5-6 On the evening of the 5th, the Diamonds have a private wake for their King. On the 6th, the funeral is held. Shortly afterwards, Rachel collapses from stress and illness.

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Rachel ♦ Queen of Diamonds
16 June 2012 @ 02:33 pm

KEY: Successful = Rachel won. Unsuccessful = Rachel lost. Challenge for = Rachel was the Challenger. Challenged for or Counter-challenge = Rachel was the Challenged.

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Rachel ♦ Queen of Diamonds
05 February 2012 @ 01:05 am
Who: Any/all members of the Diamonds.
What: Lindsey's wake/celebration of life party.
When: February 5, 2012
Where: Diamonds ballroom

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Rachel ♦ Queen of Diamonds
21 December 2011 @ 12:07 am
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PM me/comment here if you've any you want to add.
Rachel ♦ Queen of Diamonds
The message had not been entirely unexpected. It was the standard rule-of-thumb that newly-instated Royals take the time to visit the still-ruling members of the other Suits soon after their asendance to the throne. So Rachel had hardly been surprised when the courier had come from the Court of Clubs telling that Alexander had wished to meet with her.

No, the message itself was hardly surprising. But the details further enclosed within the message were-- It informed her that he'd heard of her skills with the sword, and that he'd wished to discuss techniques and strategy in the ancestral training hall of the Clubs.

The way the message was worded, Rachel highly doubted that the talk would be limited to swordsmanship, if it even incorporated it at all. Nonetheless, when she replied that she gratefully accepted his invitation she told that she would be bringing her own weapons, were they to end up using them in a more “hands-on” matter as they discussed. Whether she meant that they would do so by dueling or something more sinister was slightly more debatable.

So with her preferred fencing foil and broadsword in hand, Rachel made her way to her former home, ready to meet the new King that had replaced her cousin.

Getting in to the Court was a bit tricky-- most Clubs were still wary of outsiders with weapons in the wake of Andrew's death, but once she rebuked them that not only was she a former member of the Clubs but that it would be incredibly stupid of her to show her weapons so openly if she bore them with bad intent, she was more or less left on her own.

And so, she found herself standing before the training hall of the Court of Clubs. She took a moment to revel in the experience-- the last time she'd been this close to the place, she'd still been a part of the Suit-- before having the Number accompanying her announce her presence, and entering.
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